Mechanical Heartbeats

Director: Alp Onur Ecevit

Producer: Alp Onur Ecevit

Cast: Özdemir Çiftçioğlu, PAK (The Dog)

Schedule: 21 December Thursday, 5 PM ; 22 December Friday, 11 AM

Venue: AKM Yeşilçam Sineması

Please note that screenings are free of charge


Burhan is a 70-year-old, gray-haired, tall and rich man. He lost his wife three years ago and still hasn’t gotten over it. Burhan has an old dog like himself. He spends almost all day playing with his old dog and watching television. Every day is the same as the last day.

Burhan wakes up at 9 AM every morning with his phone alarm to take his heart medicine, drinks his heart medicine, feeds his dog, has breakfast and watches television until the evening. He constantly looks at the photo of his wife hanging on the wall and cries. One day, he gets up early as usual and calls his dog to feed him, but his dog does not come to the food bowl. Burhan starts to search for his dog in a hurry and finds him dead in the backyard. He screams and cries and hugs his dog. He cleans it and buries it in his backyard. He now begins to live a quieter and more sedentary life. He spends the whole day eating something in front of the television. One day, while watching television, he comes across an advertisement for a robot vacuum cleaner. He looks at the floor and sees that it is very dirty. He orders one immediately. The next day the vacuum cleaner arrives, he opens the box with excitement and starts the vacuum cleaner. He plays with the settings of the vacuum cleaner on his phone and has fun moving it left and right with his hand. The next day, after waking up, he plays with the vacuum cleaner for a while, sets the automatic vacuuming options and continues watching television. The robot vacuum cleans the house twice a day.

Burhan wakes up in his bed in the morning, clutching his heart. While trying to reach for the heart medicine on the bedside table next to his bed, his hand bumps and the pillbox falls to the floor. While he is struggling out of breath to pick up the pills on the ground, the robot vacuum cleaner comes and continues on its way, taking the pills into itself. While trying to stand up, Burhan has a heart attack and collapses next to the bed. While the robot vacuum cleaner goes around Burhan and continues to clean the house, his phone alarm starts ringing at 9 AM.