Co-Production Opportunities Between Türkiye and Spain

As part of the Rendezvous Istanbul Film Festival, a panel titled “Co-Production Opportunities Between Türkiye and Spain” will be held at Nişantaşı University. Producer Amparo Miralles, director Pablo Maqueda, producer Haizea Viana from Spain, lawyer, producer and General Secretary from Tesiyap Burhan Gün, director & producer Murat Şeker and producer Oğuz Öztürk from Türkiye will attend the panel moderated by Sibel Levendoğlu. The panel will discuss the necessary needs and solutions to increase co-productions between Turkey and Spain. 

Co-Production Opportunities Between Türkiye and Spain

20th December 2023, Wednesday
Nişantaşı University Maslak 1453 Campus
Conference Hall (Small)
4.30 PM
Turkish and Spanish with translation

Moderator: Sibel Levendoğlu
Participants: Amparo Miralles, Burhan Gün, Haizea Viana, Murat Şeker, Oğuz Öztürk, Pablo Maqueda