Dirtier than Before

Director: Erdem Sönmez

Producer: Candan Yaygın

Cast: Feridun Koç, Ecren Can Serim

Schedule: 21 December Thursday, 5 PM ; 22 December Friday, 11 AM

Venue: AKM Yeşilçam Sineması

Please note that screenings are free of charge


Mr. Hakkı (51), who is obsessed with cleaning, invited Hamiyet Hanım (43), whom he was flirting with, to his home for coffee. Because it was raining, the ground was muddy and Ms. Hamiyet had to come with her shoes dirty.

Mr. Hakkı meets Ms. Hamiyet at the door and invites her to the house, but his mind is on the shoes left in front of the door and the muddy stairs. He cannot communicate with Ms. Hamiyet because of his obsessions, so he makes an excuse and keeps Ms. Hamiyet waiting at home with a lie. He wipes the shoes and stairs without letting Ms. Hamiyet know.

Ms. Hamiyet waits for a long time and gets bored with this situation. He takes his clothes and when he opens the door, he sees that his shoes are clean and the stairs of the apartment are being wiped by Mr. Hakkı.

Ms. Hamiyet leaves, complaining, and Mr. Hakkı, who is left alone, wants to go to Ms. Hamiyet. She gets ready, decorates and leaves the house.

Hakkı Bey is in front of his door and the moment he gathers his courage and steps in the mud, he feels dirty. He returns home and cleans up and goes out. He found a way to go without stepping in the mud. The taxi approaches the apartment building and stops in front of Mr. Hakkı. Hakkı Bey gets into the taxi without stepping in the mud.