Unemployment Gate

Director: Aslı Şura Akyol

Producer: Aslı Şura Akyol

Cast: Çağatay Ş. SAYILGAN, Selma ÖZKOSİF, Berk ÖZÇELİK, Onur URHAN, İsmail İNAN, Taha Ebral KAHYA

Schedule: 21 December Thursday, 5 PM ; 22 December Friday, 11 AM

Venue: AKM Yeşilçam Sineması

Please note that screenings are free of charge


Unemployment Gate is an institution established to find employment. The unemployment institution creates a contradiction between the unemployment announcements in the institution and the documents of people waiting for work at their desks. In this institution, there is a single door and a table next to that door. An officer is sitting at his desk at his computer. The authorized person, who does not know when he will come out of the door, reads the application conditions. A queue forms in front of the door depending on the compatibility of the application conditions. People who meet the application requirements are admitted. Selim is one of the people who applied to this institution to get a job. Selim expects to comply with the application conditions under the pressure of his landlord to evict him. But application requirements change all the time. Selim finally gives up, unable to bear these conditions. As soon as he goes out, he hears that he has met the application requirements. But this time, he cannot get in through the door because the quota is full, and all his waiting is wasted. While trying to digest the situation outside with anger, he comes across his friend whom he has not seen for a long time or rather has not been able to see. When he explains his situation to his friend, they go to the unemployment gate together. Despite all his efforts, Selim cannot enter the door, but thanks to his friend’s intervention, his application is accepted. He finally gets what he wants, but he doesn’t know what’s behind that door.