Glad to Have You

Director: Seher Davran

Producer: Seher Davran

Cast: Ertül Erdan, Cem Burçin Bengisu, Emel Davran Özvardar, Memet Şimşek, Diren Bektaş

Schedule: 21 December Thursday, 5 PM (Q&A with the Director); 21 December Friday, 11 AM

Venue: AKM Yeşilçam Sineması

Please note that screenings are free of charge


Derya and Hakan are a young newlywed couple. They are both university graduates and working people. Derya does all the housework. Meanwhile, Hakan does not meet his own needs. Derya meets all the needs of the house such as cooking, cleaning, ironing, etc. Hakan, however, only responds with “Good job, I’m glad to have you.” Hakan tries to dissuade Derya from doing the sport she wants because he sees it as a “men’s sport”. He constantly interferes with the young woman’s social life. Derya says she will go out with her friends one evening. Hakan, on the other hand, tries to manipulate Derya with his usual calm style. But he goes to an astroturf match with his friends. Derya remembers a brief moment from her childhood because of an event she experienced that evening. This short moment affects Derya greatly. She decides to implement the decisions she made about her own life.