Code Break 13

Director: Nadir Kağan Kocakaya

Producer: Cüneyt Meşeçıkaran

Cast: Abdurrahman Arı, Meram Çınaroğlu, Recep Kumru, Aybüke Mutlu

Schedule: 21 December Thursday, 5 PM ; 22 December Friday, 11 AM

Venue: AKM Yeşilçam Sineması

Please note that screenings are free of charge


Ilgaz works as a security officer in a metaverse company, but his profession is different from a security guard. Ilgaz is responsible for destroying artificial intelligence bots that are coded to serve humans in the metaverse if they cause problems to humans due to errors in their codes. On a working day, Ilgaz must go to the metaverse again and destroy a bot. A normal person named Sedat is trapped in the metaverse he is going to. Ilgaz goes to the metaverse. Ilgaz’s appearance in the metaverse is more beautiful than in real life. Ilgaz appears in the living room of a large house in the metaverse. There is a closed boat in the living room, staring at the sky with its mouth open and not moving at all. Ilgaz finds Sedat and asks him to take him to the rebel boat. Sedat sees the boat staring at the sky with its mouth open and asks how this happened. Ilgaz says that normal bots shut down like this when they see a rebellious bot and stay like this until it is reset. Ilgaz comes to the door of Sedat’s study. Sedat waits outside and Ilgaz comes in. There is Pelinbot inside. Ilgaz catches Pelinbot and destroys it. While Pelinbot disappears screaming, Sedat sees what Ilgaz did and feels remorse. Ilgaz tells Sedat that the bots do not feel anything and Pelinbot’s screams are just codes. Sedat thanks Ilgaz and leaves the metaverse. Then Ilgaz also leaves the metaverse. Ilgaz takes off his virtual reality glasses at work, but there is no one in the study room. Ilgaz goes to the other study room and sees all his friends staring at the sky with their mouths open and not moving. Ilgaz’s friends are bots, and Ilgaz himself realizes that he is a rebel AI bot that must be destroyed…