Bayram Şekeri




1h 59m

Director: Bilal Kalyoncu

Cast: Öykü Gürman, Arben Akış, Deniz Oral, Ulaş İnan Torun

Schedule: 19 December Tuesday, 5 PM

Venue: AKM Yeşilçam Sineması

Please note that screenings are free of charge


The film is about the experiences of his family through the eyes of young Mete, whose parents have separated. Yusuf and Pınar’s marriage, which they could not manage, ended in divorce, and Pınar, who was afraid that she would never see her son Mete again, found the solution by smuggling him to Germany. Pınar, who has been building a future for Mete in the past 10 years, finds out that she has an incurable brain tumor when she gets sick one day and is hospitalized. Since he does not want his son to grow up in an orphanage after his death, he brings him back to Türkiye to entrust him to his father.